I have been doing animations for giants LED screens in a few installations for Porsche Taycan in China.
VOK DAMS China produces Roadshow for the Porsche Taycan Space
The experts for events and live-marketing are responsible for producing the Porsche Taycan Space, and a Porsche pop-up store opened to the public, and VIPs in Jinan, Hangzhou Chengdu in China. The Roadshow runs until the end of the year 2020, with eight days at each venue. The highlight is Porsche's first fully electric sports car, the Porsche Taycan, which was first launched last year at the International Autoshow in China.
The Taycan Space allows visitors to experience the electric sports car's fascination on an area of approx. 250 square meters. The pop-up store impresses with its open, modern interior design and its eye-catching, stylish media presentation, both reflecting Porsche's positioning as a luxury car brand.
The Porsche Taycan can be experienced physically in the space. The interior and exterior can be configured digitally according to individual preferences, presenting the individual Porsche Taycan to every visitor. With the Porsche Taycan speed module and racing simulator, every user can experience the driving performance and not forget the unique sound of Porsche's first fully electric sports car.
Visitors further can explore various color, and material samples live or exchange with Porsche specialists and salespersons at each venue.
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