Olivier is an award-winning Belgian Director, cinematographer, and photographer between Shanghai and Los Angeles. He combines different techniques such as; photography, drawing, motion design, and video.
His primary focus is character development and storytelling. Olivier's work includes collaborations as a creative director with considerable talents such as Kobe Bryant and Sophie Marceau and partnerships with several European and Asian celebrities. His most recent short film, The Passport, recently received 59 nominations worldwide with sixteen wins; best short drama, best short film, best foreign director, best director, best actor, best thriller, crime thriller, two times best editing, best VFX...

Oliver's work has also received the silver award at Cannes and the Promaxbda bronze award in Los Angeles. Along with his artistic practice, Olivier has collaborated with major brands such as Converse, Nike, Porsche, Elle magazine, and many more. With Adobe Creative Cloud, Olivier became their brand ambassador in 2017 with his photography series Girl Perfected. In 2018 Olivier endorsed Fuji Film's newest camera by shooting an entire music video in Los Angeles with their yet, unreleased product.

A dream come true with his first art show in Los Angeles and his toy series photography with fashion influencer Alex Costa, collaborating with Stranger Thing's props team for his art installation and articles featured in LA Weekly and Hollywood reporter.

Since 2020, Olivier is now a Brand Ambassador for YouPic, one of the world-leading platforms for photography for his work in the same field. As a director, in 2021, He starts a nonexclusive collaboration with Xiaomi as a "Mi Creator." Olivier is based in Asia Shanghai, works overseas, and is currently represented in several countries.

Feel free to check more of his director's work on www.herodirector.tv and photography on www.olivierdressen.com

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