Music by Deshaun.
Album available on itunes:

Director: Olivier Hero Dressem
Director of Photography: Pascalie
Gaffer: Tom Leduc
Producers: Charlotte Choo Vyr, Olivier Hero Dressen, Tom Leduc
Focus Puller Slaughter William
Editing: Kevin Pham
Final Cut: Olivier Hero Dressen
VFX and Color Grading: Olivier Hero Dressen,

Music producer @lasersouptwinkle
Mastering @arochottetotheheart
Written by @singer.deshaun

New Music Video Eloise, A reflection about LGBTQ in Hip Hop.
Full article Here


Love is easy, falling out and in.
Love is easy, falling out and in.
so you lost him?
He was never yours to win.
I fight for you
this battlefield
been hit with a few shots
that molly-whop
tickety-tok upon the clock until my heart stops
yearning for you
'cause all I wanna do
is lay in the sheets doin' all the things that lovers do
read magazines, dream about our future, too;
sky is the limit, pray that God leads me back to you
never regretting all the lessons, manifest, come true
ever-evolving, reach our calling with
our love full bloom. Sound good to you?
well if not, then it's deuces, boo.

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